FM 2208 & Price Lane
(560 Price Lane, Hallsville, TX 75650)
(Mailing Adress:P.O. Box 6500 Longview, Tx 75608)

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A spirit-filled church & international outreach center

Pastor Larry Wilkins * Founder, Aquilla Nash

We are located approximately 10 miles from Longview, TX N Loop 281 at FM 2208 and Price Lane. From Longview's N Loop 281, turn north on FM 2208. Go 6.6 miles to FM 449 & 2208, turn right. Go 3.4 miles & turn left on Price Lane. Proceed 1/2 mile to Retreat grounds.


When I was dying without God in my life and I was too weak to speak, I cried out to the Lord and He heard my heart's cry. Not only did He save me, He gave me a life of high adventure with Him. He will do the same for you today. If you have never accepted Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, as your personal Savior, do it today. Please pray this prayer and mean it from your heart. I promise you, God will hear you and save you. He will take your sins and your sorrows and give you peace and joy. Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I need you as my Lord and Savior. Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God and that you died and rose from the dead to save me from my sins and to give me eternal life in heaven. Today (say the day) I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. Come into my life. I receive you now as my Lord and my Savior. I give you my life and from this day forward I will serve you. Thank you for hearing my prayer and coming into my life today. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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Dear Aquilla,

I am still enjoying your program each week and when you have a word for me.

Last week you had a word for my husband who had a problem with his feet and had just gotton out of the hospital. You mentioned swelling and ulcers which are some of the things he had wrong with his feet and HIS FEET ARE FINE NOW!

Thank you for praying with us.

Doris, New Jersey

Dear Aquilla,

As soon as I received the prayer cloth I was touched by the Holy Spirit and I have been able to dance and exercise, things that I had not been able to do.

I am so thankful that you have made these prayer cloths available.

I am going to order one for my daughter who has been suffering with kidney problems and I am sending in an offering.

Frances , Arkansas


Thanks for the words of encouragement that you shared with me after praying over several of my prayer request that I sent you.

I received deliverance through the spoken Word of God on 'The Prophetic Whisper' program.

Please continue yielding to the voice of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to speak through you His Words of love, hope, healing, deliverance and salvation.

Magnolia, Michigan

Dear Aquilla,

I contacted you and asked you to please pray for my son who had been having seizures over the past week.

He had a MRI Scan the following weekend. It showed his brain to be perfectly fine!

Thank you for your precious prayers. Praise to Lord Jesus!

Viewer, India

Dear Aquilla,

Thank you for writing and sharing the Word of the Lord with your partners. It is such a blessing.

I was watching your program yesterday and you said the Lord was touching someone and healing them. Well, that was me. I have been having chest pains for 4 days now and the pain is gone.

Frances, Florida

Dear Aquilla,

Thank you so very much for your prayers.

Every week I watch your program. God has healed two family members of cancer; a cousin has quit drinking and God has been restoring what the enemy stole.

I had multiple infections and a virus, I couldn’t eat or drink. I was admitted to the hospital for dehydration and kidney failure. God gave me a miracle.

I am healed!

Sherry, California


I received a supernatural healing when I use the prayer cloth you sent me for my lungs. Praise the Lord, the doctor gave me a good report. I told the doctor I prayed and asked God to heal me.

Thank you for your prayer cloth.

Mary, North Carolina

Dear Aquilla,

Thank you for all you do and who your are.

Your continued prayers over our family have given us much hope and healing!

We love you so much!

Gloria, California


I requested a prayer cloth that you were offering from your ministry. When I received it in the mail, I put it under my husband's pillow as he was going in for multiple biopsies. He had the biopsies and all came back clear.

Thank God for His faithfulness.

Deborah, Oklahoma

Dear Aquilla,

Thank You! I love your program and what you are all about.

I received my freedom from all fear and healing in my lungs too!

Tim, California

Dear Sister Nash,

I contacted you for prayer for my niece who had a car accident and was on life support with catastrophic brain injuries. Doctor has given no hope she will be better. We need a miracle!

Here is our praise report of a miraculous healing! Only three weeks into my niece's recovery, in spite of the prognosis; 'she will never open her eyes, speak, or breathe on her own.' …..the ventilator and trach tube are removed. She is walking on her own, speaking limited words, smiling, following therapy commands and eating solid foods.

The doctors are saying, 'This is truly miraculous!' PRAISE JESUS!

Rebecca, Texas

Dear Aquilla,

A few weeks ago I wrote in requesting prayer for a family member who was rushed to the emergency room with a neurological medical problem.

Now my relative is okay!

There have been no ongoing issues, they are speaking normally, they have full function and continuing with life in every way. Thank you sincerely for your prayers

Viewer, United Kingdom

Dear Aquilla,

I wanted to share with you, all of the prayer requests I have sent you have had a wonderful outcome!

My family and I had experienced health problem and injuries over the last six months. Thank you for your prayers and thanks to all mighty God. He is faithful!

Maria, Via Email

Dear Aquilla,

First I want to thank God for your ministry. You truly have a gift of revelation from God and I enjoy watching your program.

You prophesied what I had been praying to God for – a new car.

After two weeks God blessed me with that car!

Forest, Texas

Dear Aquilla,

I was recently healed from Crohn’s disease from hearing a word of God on your program after having it nine years.

Viewer, Oklahoma

Dear Woman of God,

The very first time I watched your program, you said a prayer for someone in their living room with sciatic nerve pain starting in the lover back going down one of the legs.

You said healing was going out to them, for them to get up and walk. I knew it was for me so I did what you said!

Golden streams of light spiraled around me and I felt a warm sensation over my body. I was healed. Hal-le-lu-jah

Viewer, North Carolina

Dear Aquilla,

Thank you for all your prayers and teaching on your program.

God has been blessing and I have been having breakthroughs in health issues, spiritual oppression and bondage

Donna, California

Dear Aquilla,

On one of your programs you said curvature of the spine, arthritis; hip pain and back pain were being healed.

The Lord healed me that day!

God bless you.

Yvonne, New Hampshire

Dear Rev. Aquilla Nash,

I contacted you to pray for a job and immediately I got the job. God continually blessed me in my job because of your prayers.

This year I applied for another position, please pray for favor to rest upon me to receive this.

Viewer, Dubai

Dear Aquilla,

While watching your lovely program I received two healings. I was healed of high blood Pressure and I was able to stop my medication, also I was healed of low blood sugar.

I was due for my doctor’s visit and everything was confirmed.

God bless you.

Gayle, Nevada