Prophetic Insights

            Founder Aquilla Nash




‘ But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.' 1 Corinthians 14:3 (NKJV)





The place I am taking you will require faith, says the Holy One. The place where I am taking you will require faith in Me, for it will never be accomplished in your own strength. It will never be accomplished by your might. It will never be accomplished through your own ability, but it will require faith in the Son. It will require faith in this day. I have given unto you the sufficient measure of faith. I have not left you without that which you would need. I have not left you lacking in any good thing. I have given unto you all things that pertain to life and to godliness. I have given unto you even that which would be required of Me, for I would never require something at your hand that I have not already placed within you. I only require those things that I have already come to give. But when I have given it unto you, I then require it at your hand. So therefore, I have given unto you the measure of faith. Now I require it of you to enter into those realms that I seek to bring you unto, into that glory that I have spoken of , into the power and the manifestation of that which you have heard and that which has been preached. I have called you forth this day and I require that which I have invested in your, for I have a treasure in earthen vessels. Did I not say I have treasure in earthen vessels and the excellency shall not be of you, but it shall be of Me? I will bring you unto those realms if you trust Me, if you will commit back unto Me that which I have already invested in you, that which I have accomplished in you. Then you will have more than enough. Then you will see My glory. Then you will see My power. Then you will see the promises made manifest because this is the hour that I am requiring of My people that which I have invested within them. I have invested My Spirit within you and now I require My Spirit to be made manifest through your life. As you give all unto Me, as you rest in Me ceasing from your own works, ceasing from your own labors, I will work the work, but you must commit it back to Me. You must do your part and then you will see the manifestation of My glory.”


 The Lord would speak unto you and say, “You are well able to become all that I have called you to be. Listen not to the voice of the enemy, for I have created you. You are well able to become all that I have chosen you to be, for I have predestined your life from the foundation of the Word. I have set my love upon you to draw you unto the high realms of My Spirit. I have caused revelation knowledge to open up unto you and I have given you hidden treasures. I have called you for such a time as this that you would be My witness in the earth, that others would look upon your life, look upon you and say, ‘Surely the Lord is with them.’ You can do all things through Me, for I infuse you with inner strength and inner ability that you do not understand, that you do not know. You are Mine and I am jealous over you. You are mine. I have bought you with a price. I have paid a great price to redeem you, to bring you forth from the powers of darkness into liberty and to bring you unto praise and happiness in Me. Trust Me. Just Trust Me in this hour. Just believe My Word. Simply believe My Word, for I will fulfill My Word in your life. The Word will not fail you. It will not fail you. I will not fail you, and you will know that it is the Lord that has brought a great and mighty deliverance into your camp. You will know that it is the Lord who has redeemed you and set you free from the bondages of the enemy. I have come unto you with all power, with all authority. I will cause My work to be accomplished if you will only trust Me.”