Prophetic Insights

            Founder Aquilla Nash




‘ But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.' 1 Corinthians 14:3 (NKJV)





Some have said, ‘How can it be? Who am I? What am I that God could use me in such a way and such a measure? Who am I, for I am nothing?’ You are Mine. You are chosen in Me. You were chosen before the foundations of the world for this day. You were chosen before the foundations of the world to do the very thing I have purposed to do in you. You were chosen before the foundations of the world to come forth in this day, in this hour, to become all that I have created you to be. I have called you forth not in weakness, but I have called you forth in strength. I have called you forth in power. I have called you forth in the Anointing of My Spirit.  As you enter in and allow the Anointing to flow, you will do that which is impossible to the natural man. You will become that which is unlike anything that you ever thought possible. I have raised you up for a sign and a wonder in this day. As signs and wonders I have raised up My children to be, therefore, you must act on the authority of My Word. You must take the message and run with it. You must take the vision and run with it. You must take that calling and gift that is within you and go with it. It is up to you. Run; run; run; run with that which I have given unto you, that which I have put within your care. Take no thought of how it shall be or how it could be brought to pass, because I AM the fullness of that thing. I am the completeness of that which I have ordained for your life. I will do it. I will do it. Look not to the right, to the left or to your own ability. Look not to the ability of another, but look at Me. Keep your eyes upon Me and I will work, and no man shall be able to hinder that which I have appointed for your life. No one shall be able to stop that which I have called you to do, for you are called and chosen for this day. It is the hour that My Glory is being poured out through you. Look not to another and think it shall come from others, but look unto your own life and allow it to flow through you,” says the Lord.




In love and tenderness of spirit I have drawn you this day. I have dealt with your heart in so many ways.  I have shown you My faithfulness and My love.  I have given unto you so many promises.  Every promise is forever settled.  You need not doubt that which I have spoken, for it is forever settled.  It is yes;  it is amen.  I have chosen you for this day to show forth My praise and My glory in the earth.  I have chosen you even this day that others might see and behold My goodness.  Some would say, ‘How is it Lord when it seems I struggle so much, when it seems there is so much opposition?’  You are My people, the sheep of My pasture.  You are precious in My sight.  You are so precious that I have given My life totally and completely for you.  Trust Me.  Waver not.  Do not stagger about and waver, for he that wavers will not receive. His doubt and his fear gets between Me and him and the things which I desire to do.  So, waver not at My promises.  Waver not at what I have spoken over you in times past even through a Prophetic Word or even a word spoken in your own spirit. My Word is yes and amen.  Listen to that which I would speak in this hour.  Draw not back from the good things that I would set before you, but in faith enter in.  In faith wait upon Me as I teach you My ways, My will and My purposes, even as I go before you to clear a way, to make a path for you.  Some of the waiting has to do with the fact that I am working in your behalf. I am clearing out that which would cause a hurt, and that which would cause you a hindrance, and that which would be an evil before you.  I am taking them out of the way.  Be faithful and trust Me.  Know that I am faithful and that I am working in your behalf even this day to bring unto you those good things that I have promised.  Wait in patience before Me. Be not weary in well doing, for you will reap if you faint not.  I watch over My Word to perform it and bring it to pass.  You will see that I have spoken truth into your heart and that it was worth the waiting,” says the Lord.