Prophetic Insights

            Founder Aquilla Nash




‘ But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.' 1 Corinthians 14:3 (NKJV)






In righteousness I am bringing forth My people. In righteousness I have established you. In righteousness I am raising you up. Even as a generation of righteousness, I am raising up a people, for I have declared I would give unto those who hunger and those who thirst a fullness, and they will not be lacking in any good thing. They will have more than enough, and they will know that I am God, and that I live in the midst of My people. They will not only look to Me as the God of old or the God of the future, but they will know Me as a God of the present. They will know Me as the great I Am. They will know that I have established My people in the earth to be as lights in the midst of darkness. They will understand that I will work in their lives, and that I will remove hindering forces. I will raise them up for these last days as my witness in the earth, and that I will use them mightily.  I will cause the demon powers to fear and tremble at their presence, for you are My people and you are the sheep of My pasture. I have won you and I have wooed you, and I have drawn you by My love. This day, I promise that I will bring you unto an even higher realm and a greater understanding. I will cause you to know that I am your God and that you truly are My people”, says the Lord of Hosts.



 I will draw out of your life and make you that which is pleasing in my sight. I will teach you my precepts, line upon line, here a little and there a little. I will cause you to come to full understanding. I will cause you to know that it is in Me that you live and you move and you have your very being. But, at the same time I will make you to know there is not anything that is too difficult for you as you trust Me. I will make you to understand I am God, and with a sweep of My hand I can raise up nations with the sweep of My hand I can bring nations low. Even the heart of the king is in My hand. In this day a world shall see and know that My people are a different people. They will come to understand even as they did in the day Israel walked through the wilderness place, the thunder of that people went forth and the kings feared because their God did fight in their behalf. The people of the world shall come to fear the fact that I have come to defend you and fight in your life. You are My people, the sheep of My pasture. You are precious and I am jealous over you. I have brought you to a new day. I have brought you to a new hour, and it will not be as it has been in days past. It is a new day. It is a new hour and the revelation of My Word is springing forth, and My people are entering in by faith, and they are a changed people. They are no longer a people who walk in weakness, but they are a people who walk in power. This is the hour I am showing you who I am and what I am in your life. You will see and you will know that your lives have been changed by the Spirit of God. Oh, many have walked with Me over the years and have said that I was precious in their sight. They did know Me even as their Savior, but I am come as the Redeemer in your life. I am come as the Redeemer. The day of the Redeemer has broken forth and I have redeemed you,” says the Lord.